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Usable by everyone

Easy to install & maintain

Gatekeeper can be installed without dependencies and takes care of its installation itself.

Easy setup

Gatekeeper is quick and easy to deploy, guiding you efficiently through the setup and avoiding unnecessary complications.

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Automatic updates

Gatekeeper is shipped as a Snap and automatically updates itself and the system. You always have the newest features and security updates available.

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Configuration-free HTTPS

Gatekeeper can automatically issue HTTPS certificates for all domains used by Gatekeeper. There is no configuration required on your end.

Gatekeeper Directory

Gatekeeper allows you to administrate all your users in a system under your control.

Central user management

User management

Create and administrate your users in one central place.

Learn how to administrate users

Groups management

Keep your users organized in groups. Groups can be granted access to apps, and every user in a group will instantly be able to access it.

Learn how to administrate groups

LDAP support

Gatekeeper includes a built-in LDAP server, this allows your applications to request lists of users and groups at anytime.

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SCIM support

Gatekeeper can push updates in your groups and user structure instantly to any supported SCIM server.

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Central authentication

Gatekeeper Authentication

Gatekeeper is the single login panel for all your applications.

Gatekeeper Proxy

Gatekeeper can act as identity-aware proxy in front of your web applications. Giving your apps an additional strong layer of security.

Learn more about Gatekeeper Proxy

LDAP authentication

Gatekeeper includes a built-in LDAP server that your applications can authenticate users against.

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OpenID Connect

Authenticate your users using OpenID Connect against any supported application.

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Security Alerts

Gatekeeper is built with security in mind. There's no need for expensive and complicated security solutions.

Security for everyone

Automatic mitigation

Gatekeeper pro-actively keeps your system secure with automatic security mitigations and clear information for the administrator.

Session Management

Gatekeeper offers accessible session management for everyone. Enabling you to see in one glance from which devices and what locations you have accessed Gatekeeper. Using this interface, you can also invalidate sessions quickly.

Two-factor authentication

Gatekeeper has built in two-factor authentication support.

Bruteforce protection

Gatekeeper ships by default with a strong bruteforce protection. Protecting your users against any kind of password bruteforce attack.

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